Official Hello to WordPress

The first three entries you see here were taken from and the fourth and fifth from Tumblr, which I’ve decided I do not like and will not continue to use.  I deleted that account two days ago.  As of this entry, it is the present.  Hello WordPressers (or however you, well now we, refer to ourselves).  I’m a bit worn out from trying to find a new place for my journal, which I explain the reasons for and the thinking behind in my first entry.

I hope I can get settled in, get and give some feedback, and finally find a place to call home.  I have to say that this site looks definitively better and appears to hold much more promise than Tumblr did.  I really like all the options that are available.

Now that I’ve stayed up all night getting myself “moved” over here, I think it’s time for some food and sleep.  I didn’t mean to stay up until this hour (7:00am).

It’s nice to meet you.  I look forward to reading your blog.  Although mine is dark at the start, that isn’t what you should expect all the time.  I love life, I just have to have a place to discuss all of it.

If you’d like to view some of my photography, which is much more cheerful than the first story I tell in After Suicide – Part 1 of 2 and After Suicide – Part 2 of 2, feel free to browse and comment if you’d like on my photography page.



If you have any feedback, responses, questions, or would like to share something, please leave a reply (no spam):

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