Running Ragged

I’ve been very, very busy lately.  Although I don’t have a job and I am “just a homemaker,” my mother recently had eye surgery that prevented her from driving; therefore, I’ve been in and out a great deal.  Gradually Mom has been able to do a little more, but I’ve spent some of my nights at home and some at her house, which are 30 miles apart.  While she was off work for the surgery (her first ever, which was scary for us both) she was unable to drive at all for the first couple of weeks and after that the idea was to increase her driving slowly and only as she was comfortable.  Because she works about 24 miles from her home, there needed to be a way to ensure she could get there safely.  A co-worker that lives fairly close to her has been giving her rides some days.  Me being unemployed has thankfully given me the opportunity to satisfy my tenacious desire to make sure my Mom was able to safely get where she needed to go the rest of the time.

I’ve been doing a lot of driving and making unexpected trips across town for errands and such.  I have no complaints about helping my Mom, but I am very tired.  I’m actually quite happy that I can be here for her like this and realize just how fortunate I am to have a wonderful boyfriend that allows me to live this lifestyle.  I won’t be able to finish shooting for the photography contest I entered though, which disappoints me.  But I realize that I just don’t have the energy for it and forcing myself to do even more would be extremely unhealthy.  I need my sleep far more than I need to participate in this contest.

I’m driving her to work tomorrow (Wednesday, February 12th), to the eye doctor, and back home in her car.  I’m staying at her house tonight (Tuesday) and hope to go home tomorrow night.  I’ll be leaving my car at her house, we’ll drive to work in her car, I’ll drive her car home to my place which is only a few miles away from her job, pick her up and drive her to her appointment, then drive us to her house afterwards.  I feel bad for my boyfriend and especially my cats.  They’re very confused as to where Mom has been lately and why she’s been coming and going so much.  At least my boyfriend knows what’s going on, expected me to be extremely busy, and doesn’t mind.


Update Sunday, 2/16/14:

I am very happy to report that Mom is now back to driving full time.  The day of the appointment that I mentioned in this post Mom drove us to her office in her car so that I could observe and satisfy myself that she was all right to begin driving herself again (except to eye appointments because they keep dilating her eyes).  She did great.  I took her car and got it washed and brought her a tasty mocha frappe from a local coffee shop I frequent (I’m a bit of a coffee snob; I do not believe in Starbucks).  I had gotten my IRS refund that morning, so it worked out well.  Mom has driven herself to and from work since Thursday of last week without any issues.  I’ve asked her to continue to text me when she arrives at work and home from work.


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