Super Machine (at least that’s the hope)

Graham built me a new computer.  I didn’t ask for one, he just decided to build it last week.  We had discussed building me one after we discovered the laptop he got me a couple of years ago couldn’t handle the video game I like, but it wasn’t an urgent thing.  He came home one day last week and decided it was time to order the parts.  This baby is awesome.  I put my hand above the at least three inch wide fan on the top and cool air is what is coming out.  Cooler than the room’s temperature.

And then today he emails me this:  “So apparently the motherboard, video card, processor, hard drive, and monitor I bought you have all been nominated for Newegg’s Customer Choice Award.  Can I pick em or what?”

Hell yeah!  Anyone that ever questions why I love nerds and geeks, see above.  It helps that I am one, too.  Look out Minecraft and Bryce3D and Photoshop, here I come to do some heavy-duty processor intensive work.



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