The first thing you’ll probably notice is that I love photography and, when possible, spend a great deal of time behind the lens.  If it were an option I would spend my life traveling and taking pictures.  I love science (biology, chemistry, volcanism, plate tectonics, space sciences, planetary sciences, geology, physics, psychology, and the list goes on and on).  For most of my career I worked in the software development sphere and most days I still love technology.  I enjoy reading, which I do quite often, and writing when the opportunity permits.  I don’t watch much television and don’t have broadcast TV, cable, or satellite.  All of the shows and movies I see are either through an online service, on a DVD, or in the theater.  I won’t list my favorite books, shows, movies, or music genres because that would take far longer than you have.  Let’s just say I like an eclectic sampling of almost everything except romance novels, reality TV, romantic comedies, and country music, although there are even rare exceptions in those categories.  I enjoy watching sports, particularly baseball, football, basketball (mostly NCAA), and soccer, but I will watch pretty much anything except NASCAR.  I do my best to stay up to date on world news and politics, although more often than not both tend to depress me.  There is much more to me than I can put into a box on a web site, but that should at least give you the general idea.  Oh, and lest we forget, I am an animal lover and the proud mother of two beautiful cats.

Please see my first blog post if you’d like to understand why I’m here on WordPress, some of the things I will be blogging about, and my goals for using the site.

I hope you enjoy my blog posts and photography or at least find something in them that resonates with you.  In an effort to be completely honest with both myself and my audience (you), I prefer to remain anonymous here.  This is no way will affect how much I care for those of you that I get to know and follow.



If you have any feedback, responses, questions, or would like to share something, please leave a reply (no spam):

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