Random Photos

topcurvewheelfull_harrahs  singlepod_moon

This is the LINQ High Roller Ferris/Observation Wheel in Las Vegas before it was lit.  It is the largest in the world. These were for a photo contest that I ended up having to drop out of because of my mother’s surgery (not that I regret that).  I might as well share them somewhere.


Official Hello to WordPress

The first three entries you see here were taken from opendiary.com and the fourth and fifth from Tumblr, which I’ve decided I do not like and will not continue to use.  I deleted that account two days ago.  As of this entry, it is the present.  Hello WordPressers (or however you, well now we, refer to ourselves).  I’m a bit worn out from trying to find a new place for my journal, which I explain the reasons for and the thinking behind in my first entry.

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